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?    Foshan City Limited Beijing Branch electronic Foshan City is a professional production operations uninterrupted power supply (UPS). AC-DC Power Supply. Sealed batteries. Inverter of the high-technology enterprises, the Company, with brilliant products, advanced technology and fine users of services won wide praise.
Foshan City Electronic Limited Beijing Branch, founded in 2000, is located in the beautiful city of Foshan in the Pearl River Delta hinterland electronic high-tech industrial park. The Company's international advanced design concepts and production techniques as a guide, new environmental excellence specializing in the production of electronic and electrical products, factories own-brand "BJSTK" is now service in the community, businesses and radiation country. Products Russia and Mongolia. Korea. India. Afghanistan, and other countries.

Factory own brand BJSTK UPS uninterruptible power supply ac/dc regulated power supply Sealed battery inverter specializing in the production of manufacturers
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